Saturday, March 01, 2008

a lesson

a lesson
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Today was a deliciously lazy day. sooo good actually that I feel a little bit bad about how little I did. Of course, that soon passes and I sip some more diet root beer. oh yeah, it's good.

I spent the morning playing with my camera and watching a bunch of Coronation Street episodes which were in the DVR and the repeat of the Westminster Kennel show on the TSN HD Channel. I've had some fun with black and white and farting around with different ISO settings.

Maybe it wasn't so lazy after all, I did learn something I suppose. We also found out that we have Bella for at least another week (yay). Also, we discovered that a lady up in Lyndhurst rescues Australian Cattle dogs. We may get in touch with her once our dog sitting gig is up. We really really want to get a dog now and are really excited about it.

So yeah, that's it: lazy day, coro, black and white photography and dogs. What more can you ask for on a stormy Saturday?

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