Tuesday, July 22, 2003

This week's This-or-That Tuesday: Audience Potpourri Participation!

1) DVD or VHS?
Definitely DVD. Preferably with a lot of extra stuff!

2) Best Literary/Movie villain: Voldemort (Harry Potter) or Sauron (LoTR)?
Not having seen or read these, can't say. Sorry.

3) Meat: rare or well-done?
Really rare.

4) High Speed Internet-Cable or DSL?
We've got High Speed Cable at the moment.

5) Women: 1-piece bathing suit or Bikini?
1 piece.

6) To be fair--Men: Boxers or briefs?

7) Beer or Liquor/Wine?
Depends on my mood. I don't actually drink much.

8) Coke or Mountain Dew?
Diet Coke.

9) In honor of my 10/18/03 nuptials: Morning or Afternoon/Night Wedding?
Early morning, while the sun's coming up.

10) Carpet or Hardwood Floors
carpet. They're easier to look after.

11) American cars or foreign?
Foreign, definitely. Preferably Japanese.

12) Cutest TV Twin: Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen?
Neither. They are both the spawn of Satan.

13) Coffee: Caffeinated or Decaf?
Caffeinated. Black and strong and only one a day.

14) Thought-Provoking Question of the Week: Computers: Do they make life better or worse? Why?
Computers have definitely made my life better. I can do my banking, comparison shopping, heck, regular shopping, work from home, play games, listen to music, watch tv or movies and keep in touch with my friends with a computer. Also, Mark and I met online. Without a computer, we may have never met, and that would be too sad to think about!

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