Saturday, July 19, 2003

I'm not a religious person really. I was raised in a Roman Catholic home and attended Catholic school for 14 years but I never really bought into the dogma. I have a hard time understanding how people can basically turn their brains over to some invisible "higher power" and just adopt a set of rules and regulations that someone made up a million years ago. I believe that you reap what you sow, that you get what you give, in karma I guess.

Something I've been thinking about this morning is about big business, conservative governments and the environment in the US. It's well known that big business is bed with the government. It's also well known that the president of the US is a religious nut bar who is doing really stupid things in the name of some invisible deity who tells him what to do. I got to thinking that if someone believes in a "god" and also buys into the theory that this "god" created the world and everything on it, wouldn't you want to protect and nurture the planet, the gift that your "god" gave to you? Wouldn't you not want to blow up parts of it, cut down other parts of and would you not want to do everything you could to make it a better, more peaceful, healthier place to live? Wouldn't tearing up the soil and committing acts of terrorism on innocent people be considered an act of violence against your "god"? If god was actually around and keeping on eye on things, don't you think he'd have done something really bad to these bozos who are throwing his name around as justification for acts of war.

As the weeks pass by, and the weapons of mass destruction go undiscovered, it becomes more and more obivous that the attack on Iraq had nothing to do with Saddam and his boys and more and more to do with money and oil. It's sick and wrong and I don't feel good knowing that I was right about it all along.

I think the fact that "god" hasn't struck GWB dead in his tracks is proof positive to me that a "christian" god does not exist.

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