Thursday, July 03, 2003

The past couple of days have just flown by. I've been pretty busy working around the house for the biggest chunk of my vacation but I'm really happy about it. I'm thrilled about the painting we've done and am really enjoying the new sofa and chair we got last night. It looks awesome in our living room.

We gave our old stuff to the sally ann yesterday. We had an old futon sofa and an upholstered chair that had seen better days. I've been a throwing out mood today and have cleared the house of 4 huge bags of crap. I also have another load that I'm compiling for goodwill. The stuff is perfectly good, we just don't need it anymore, won't use it ever again and don't have the space to store it. I'm also too lazy to do the yard sale thing. When I decide I want rid of something, I just want it gone. I will sell CD's & videos on eBay sometimes. I have another big box of stuff for that actually. I'll probably wait for the fall to sell it off, in the pre-Christmas frenzy, you can get good prices for stuff like that.

I can highly recommend going through and chucking out your stuff. I find that it's a rewarding process and you'll love the extra space you can find in your house!

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