Monday, July 28, 2003

I love the smell of freshly mown grass. I hate the fact that the diesel smell from the huge ride-on lawn mowers that they use on campus makes me sneeze.

Freshly cut lawns just smell so summery. Ours will probably smell like that later on today. It was just way too wet to cut on the weekend. It looks great though, it's so green and lush looking. It's a different world entirely from last summer. Last summer at this time, we had a dead, dry lawn. The only thing that was remotely green were the large thistles that somehow grow in the hardened ground.

Many people I talk to have been complaining about the lack of heat and sunshine this summer but I'm enjoying it. It's sunny most days and almost always breezy and we've had very few days that were too hot and humid. Last summer was horrible, it was almost impossible to function in the heat. The heat made it impossible for us to get anything remotely resembling real work done around the house. By comparison, this summer, we've completed SO many tasks that we'd been putting off, I sometimes forget I'm in our house. It's really looking good. It looks good to me anyway, compared to what it looked like before.

On a sad note, Bob Hope passed away, at the age of 100. In a way, it's hard to imagine that he lived to such a ripe old age. On the other hand, he will remain eternally young in my memory,singing and dancing in those old "Road" movies that I grew up watching (mostly on Sunday mornings, after church). Rest in Peace Bob, goodness knows you deserve to!

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