Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Happy Canada Day all!!! It's a perfect summer day here. Just lovely. With that in mind, here is This-or-That Tuesday, the Summer Fun edition!

1. Lemonade or Ice Cold Beer?
Lemonade. Particularly the fizzy variety. I really like the PC fizzy diet lemonade from Loblaws.

2. Swimming pool or beach?
I'm a pool person. I like the beach but the sand everywhere gets to me after a while.

3. Long weekends here & there, or a 2-week vacation?
I took two weeks off from work (I'm just into week 2) but we'll probably have a couple of long weekends here and there too. This vacation has been used to get projects done around the house.

4. Destination: Acapulco or Hawaii?

5. Destination: Mountains or Beach?

6. Hotel/motel/B&B or camping?
Hotel, preferably in a jacuzzi suite.

7. Carefully planned vacation, or play it by ear?
We like to play it by ear. We pick a vague destination and just head off in that direction, usually.

8. Sneakers or sandals?
Sandals that look like sneakers!

9. Air-conditioning or fans?
Both, generally. If I have to pick just one, it's A/C, all the way. Although, the past few days, I've had the fans on and the windows open. The weather is gorgeous.

10. Concerts in the park or baseball games?
Concerts. I only really get into baseball when it's the finals of the world series.

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