Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I think I live in a ghost town.

There are, literally, no cars on the streets, it looks like Sunday morning on a long weekend. The only people, besides Mark, me and a few folks in my office, are the only folks under 60 who are left in town. I'm pretty sure everyone else is at Downsview Airport for "sars-stock." We just saw some clips on muchmoremusic and there is no way that they have 450,000 people there. There are too many big empty spaces between people on the field.

I can't imagine driving up there and dealing with insane traffic for the Stones. I mean, seriously, the Guess Who? Tea Party? Blue Rodeo? Give me a break. The only band on the whole bill worth seeing is the Flaming Lips and I'd rather see them in a venue where the sound doesn't bite (oh yeah, if Much is taking their sound from the board, it's terrible). It did look pretty funny when folks were booing and hurling water bottles at Justin Timberlake though. I like that!

Probably by Friday, things will get back to normal around here but at the moment, you could roll a bowling ball down the main drag without hitting a car. It's spooky, but I like it!

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