Sunday, July 13, 2003

Our lawn looks good.

Our weeds are green.

What is left of our grass is also sort of green (sort of brown) but the green weeds make everything look really healthy. Fortunately, the weeds are all trimmed neatly now and it looks like we have a proper lawn.

Personally, I like the weeds, I think they are nice. As long as they aren't thistles, they are quite nice to walk on. We live in an old neighbourhood and I don't think anyone around here subscribes to the weedman so most folks have lawns that look like ours. Well, the guy on the corner has a nice lawn. Maybe he sneaks the weedman in late at night when no one watches. Or maybe the weedman comes in the daytime, when I'm work. I just can't imagine spending that kind of money on my lawn. I don't believe in the weedman. My dad does. His lawn looks like a beautiful carpet. A green velvet carpet that never gets weeds in it. Just grass, pretty grass, smooth and lovely. Our lawn is like a bumpy shag carpet that was once green and has had green and yellow and brown paint (or playdoh) splattered on it over the years. It's okay though. I like that look.

Our city is going to be enforcing a bylaw banning evil chemical herbicide next year. It won't really affect us because we never use them (obviously). What we are going to do, because we've heard that this works, is overseed. We're going to try spreading seed on our lawn in the spring and fall and hopefully, some of the grass will take.

What will most likely happen, what's been happening all along anyway, is that the grass will grow where you don't want it (in your flower beds, up in the middle of pretty flowering bushes) and not where you do (the designated lawn areas). I've adopted a "whatever happens, happens" attitude toward my garden recently. It keeps me from going crazy with worry over weeds and that works for me...because that makes me work less in the yard.

As long as our weeds are well trimmed, I can't imagine that anyone will be bothered by them....except maybe my dad, but he doesn't come over very often so I'm not too worried.

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