Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I’m at work right now. I have to say something. I love my little cubicle. It’s not exactly a cubicle though. It’s really a corner of a room; I even have a window. A huge window with a deep windowsill that we can put plants on. It’s very bright and cheery. As I have mentioned before, the building I work in is almost 200 years old so the ceilings are very high, and the windows are huge.

I’ve been working in this space since the end of March. I have it organized exactly the way I wanted, I was even allowed to order some new furniture for it. I have my desk, which is “L” shaped. My computer sits in the corner of the L, to my right, I have a big bulletin board and to my left, a shelf. Behind me, in the corner of the room, I have another shelf installed (in the corner). A table and second chair sits below the shelf on the north wall. This allows me to have a student in to help me when things get really busy. I have a large cabinet installed on the east wall (this holds most of our supplies and it locks up so I can tuck things away and out of sight in it).

Prior to moving upstairs (we’re on the second floor), I worked in the front office of our building. I couldn’t really put anything up on the walls when I was down there and I could definitely not wear headphones and listen to music down there. I had to settle for listening to the CBC on the radio, at a very low volume. Now, in my bright and cheery little corner, I can listen to the radio with my headphones on, or my CD player. I can listen to whatever I want, whenever I want, as loud as I want to.

The reason I wrote about my cheery corner this morning is because I’ve been listening to music, quite loudly this morning, through my headphones. I’m listening to a CD I purchased while I was on vacation but hadn’t had a chance to review until this morning. It’s lovely. It’s so good in fact that it inspired this long winded post about my workspace. The post may be boring but this CD is not. It’s brilliant. It’s beautiful and fun and a perfect summertime album. It’s the new New Pornographers CD, Electric Version. There’s just something about Carl Newman’s voice that makes me happy. I think you should all run out and buy it, quick as you can. It’ll make you happy, trust me!

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