Sunday, July 06, 2003

Everyday, for the past 5 days, the weather forecast has called for thunder storms. I know that Toronto got one and London got a bad one yesterday but we've been left alone. It's been intensely hot here the past few days. Our house is nice and cool thanks to 3 window air conditioning units. We have a 5000 btu unit downstairs in our living room, another at the front of the house (upstairs) in our guest room and a new 6000 btu unit (with remote) in our bedroom. We also have ceiling fans in 3 rooms and the air keeps well circulated. The government has been saying that we should not be running the A/C as it's a drain on the resources of the province and contributes to pollution. I'd feel worse about that if we didn't the high-efficiency units (they are all less than 3 years old) and we're really careful about when we run them. I suffer from allergies in the summertime and the air conditioners save my bacon, literally. I couldn't function without it.

I'll be going back to work tomorrow and it should be interesting to see what the office is like. In the spring, we moved offices so we're now in a different part of the building and I have no idea what to expect as far as the heat index goes. I'm hoping that the storms will come through tonight and clear the air and break the humidity. The heat I can handle, I don't mind hot and breezy, that's summer and it's what we cry for all winter long. I just don't like it when the sky is brown and the pollution is out of control and my eyes and nose feel like they are on fire.

I must say, I'm not entirely sad to be going back to work. It was nice to have a break away from things at the office but home has been hectic. Mark took a couple of days off with me, here and there and we spent them working our buns off on the house. As you know, we painted our bathroom and bedroom. The bathroom is now completely back together. We went out on Friday night and bought a new (lovely) 36" x 36" mirror for over the vanity. The only thing we need to do now is get our carpenter back in to install the new flooring in there. The bedroom is another story. The painting is done but I need to decide what to do about bedding (replace it or make do). I also need to buy some fabric and make us curtains to cover our bedroom door and closet door. Our house is small and we took all of the doors out of the upstairs and replaced them with curtains to save space (I also like the way it looks). The new paint in both rooms looks fabulous though. I was so happy to see the old stuff, gone.

Downstairs, we got rid of our crappy old living furniture and bought new stuff. A gorgeous (and extremely comfy) sofa and chair. We also went out last weekend and purchased a new home theatre system. We weren't going to do this until Christmas time but we did it last weekend. Mark's been wanting a surround sound system and we found one that does SACD, on sale, at the Sony store. We got a good deal on it because they are getting the new ones in soon and this was the last "dream system" they had in stock. It truly does sound like you're in a theatre when you're watching something on DVD on it. We spent a tonne of money over the past 2 weeks but it was all on the house and I'd rather have done that than spent it on a holiday. Now, for the rest of the summer, we'll just watch our pennies and stay home and enjoy our backyard or, when it's rainy or too hot our new living room.

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