Friday, March 28, 2003

Would you not think that an actual human life was more valueable than $165 Canadian? The Mexican authorities apparently believe that this is about the going rate. At least this is what they have decided that this what Kirsty MacColl's life was worth. I saw this on the Justice for Kirsty site today and it completely sickened me:

The court found boathand Cen Yam guilty of negligent homicide. Upon payment of the fine of $1,029 pesos (approx. £71), Cen Yam will pay his way out of jail. However, his failure to pay (or deposit with the Court) the criminal award for the benefit of the MacColl family will not operate to restrain his liberty. Local counsel anticipates that Cen Yam will be depositing the full award and paying the fine to commute the sentence. The time for appeal expires on March 31st. The court clerk believes that Cen Yam will not appeal.

Kirsty's life has been valued at £71. The campaign continues.

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