Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Well Happy Tuesday everyone. The week seems to be going along a lot better than it started. I think that I'm doing really well and staying level headed and keeping things in perspective. I work to live, I do not live to work. My job is not me. I think that it is easier for men to fall into the trap of allowing their careers to define them. I prefer to define myself by other, more important, and less tangible, ways.

I must say too that something which may be contributing to my ability to cope through the stress is the fact that Mark and I have made a complete change in our lifestyle which began on January 6. We made a commitment to making a healthier life for ourselves. We are very careful about the food we eat and we are exercising regularly. These are two things which we didn't do regularly prior to January 6. The result is that, physically, we are both feeling better, more energized, healthier.

So I'm working right now...well I'm on my lunch break but I am at work and my day is going well so far. The weather has warmed up a bit but we're supposed to get hit with more freezing rain tonight. Hopefully it'll just snow, I'd rather shovel than slide all over the place. Whatever ends up happening, we're grocery shopping tonight, get stocked up before the storm. I tell ya, spring can't get here fast enough.

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