Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Before we bought this house, Mark and I lived in an apartment. I had lived there for 10 years before moving into our home. I often have weird dreams about the place, usually about moving from one unit in the building, to another. This is odd because our landlord was a complete asshole who has since lost the building and the last few years I was there were extremely difficult. Anyway, last night, I slept like a rock but had a number of weird dreams as morning approached. One of the dreams was of moving into a different, recently renovated (which, if you knew my landlord would have been totally impossible) with a dream kitchen, etc. Also in the dream, I was at some kind of picnic or large party with a friend I knew from elementary school. Her mother and brother were also there. Her brother looked to be the same size he was as a kid, but had the face of a little old man, her mother looked young, very odd. Anyway, in part of the dream, I run into James Gandolfini at the bar and we chatted about his current legal woes and I gave him a big hug before returning to my friends. In the dream, I was surprised to see him there but they all had these "tickets" (which had been distributed in the mail by the Bay) to see him in court. Also, I spent a lot of time arranging dishes in my new dishwasher in the "dream kitchen." Strange huh? I'm not sure what it all means, probably doesn't mean anything. Maybe I'm getting a new dishwasher.

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