Friday, March 14, 2003

So I had a few dreams last night. They were kind of all over the place. I had a dream about an old friend, Nick, last night. Probably because I'd been going through some photos yesterday and came across some of him. In my dream, he came to visit us. We were living in a different house and we had a tonne of people staying with us, it might have been Christmas time or something. Nick had become some kind of photo-journalist and was showing me all these photos he had taken of anti-war protests. I was showing him all the photos that I had been taking recently with my digital camera. We just had a nice visit and everyone was in a really good mood in our house.

In another dream, Mark and I were visiting Roger Waters. This isn't as strange as it probably seems because Mark is a huge fan of Roger's and has worked for him a couple of times and our house is full of Roger / Pink Floyd stuff. Anyway, in the dream, we were at Roger's house watching television, drinking wine, and Roger was cooking us dinner (which is an odd thing because Mark is a chef and he's cooked for Roger in the past when he worked for him). Anyway, Mark and Roger were having a good natured pissing-contest about something we were watching. Mark was boasting about how many somethings (episodes?) of whatever it was we were watching that he had downloaded and Roger was boasting about how many of them he had recorded on writeable DVD from his satellite. You just can't win a pissing-contest about such things with a guy of Roger's means though. Neither dream was scary or weird but then, dreams can be ordinary too sometimes I guess, these sure were.

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