Monday, March 10, 2003

mmmmm....another monday is over!!

Last night, during a commercial break from the Simpsons, I was in my kitchen tidying up things and I thought, ugh, back to work tomorrow. Now ordinarily I don't "ugh" on Sunday nights, I really like my job and all, something in me though just felt like the weekend wasn't long enough this week. I guess part of it is because I had a wonky tummy for a few days and felt that the best part of the weekend was spent feeling less than 100%. I felt ripped off a bit I guess. I shouldn't have. It was selfish of me to be "ugh"-ing considering that a week before I was worried about my job and was busy updating my resume (which is never a bad thing to do necessarily, it's just not fun to do when you feel that your back is to the wall). Despite the tummy bug, I'd had a nice weekend, got all my laundry and stuff done on Saturday, and on Sunday, Mark and I took a nice drive through the sunny country-side, up to the Rideau Lakes district. It was so pretty, a couple of times, we came over hills and both said "wow" out loud at the snow on the hills, and the frozen lakes. Everything looks terrific.

I'm finding though that I'm having a hard time concentrating at work these days. It began as fall-out from the political bullshit we'd been going through and has continued to flourish as a result of knowing that we're moving upstairs into different offices. It's like, we've put up with our less than satisfactory location for so long that now that we know we won't be there much longer, it's become virtually intolerable. Although we're moving on March 20, which is just next week, it can't happen quick enough to please me. I guess I'm just never happy huh? Miserable to the end I suppose.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to be positive. I made a list of 3 things to do tomorrow and I will complete the list. I think that my daily lists have just gotten too long lately so, when I can't accomplish everything on them, I feel that I've accomplished nothing. I need to focus more on what I did get done and not what I didn't do. I'll just do this, 3 things at a time, until we get moved and settled in to our new office.

Anyway, I'm heading off to bed soon, I've been listening to some old favourite CD's over the past couple of days. I'm enjoying them immensely and would strongly urge you to do the same. Old familiar lovely songs just can't help but make you smile. Right now, I'm listening to Zumpano's Look What the Rookie Did. Maybe I'll have a dream about cold-blooded Sicilian girls..

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