Saturday, March 22, 2003

It's really dull and grey outside here today. Almost all of the snow is gone from the front of our house but the backyard is practically full. I've noticed a huge number of birds in our yard the past couple of days. This morning I saw 2 or 3 cardinals. The female was really big and she was sitting in our tree while 2 males were eating at the feeder. We have a tonne of finches too and they sing beautifully.

We went to visit Joe last night and I can tell that he's totally bored and anxious to get home. He's doing much better than he was a few days ago and they have taken out all of his IV stuff and have him on oral medication. He should be home early next week if things keep going as well as they have been.

I just saw an ambulance leave our neighbours' house across the street. I'm really worried about the man who lives there (he was the one put into the ambulance). His daughter is an acquaintance of mine and her sister is a very good friend of a friend of mine so I know that the man has had a kidney transplant recently. I hope that everything will be okay with him, I know that the family has been through a lot over the past year or so. He was very sick immediately after his surgery and they weren't sure that he wouldn't reject the organ completely. He's not much older than my own father and it scares me a little. I think it's bothering me more than it normally would because we've spent so much time at the hospital this week.

I'm not really doing much of anything this morning. Just poking away at some laundry and other little chores that got neglected this week. We'll be going to the hospital this afternoon and will probably try to spend a good chunk of time there tomorrow. I can't wait until he's home where he can be more comfortable. He's really anxious to get back to his own bed.

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