Saturday, August 04, 2007

hornet's nest

hornet's nest
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if there is a text book description or a photo of what a perfect summer day should look like, I'll bet that it looks a lot like today did.

After several super hot, mega sticky, humid days, we had a full day of clear blue skies, fresh air and warm temperatures. It was not stifling, you could actually breathe. The sun was lovely, not oppressive.

We were in the pool on three different occasions and spent the bulk of our day outside. We came in a little while ago to make some dinner and to avoid the mosquitoes which, I'm sure, are out there now looking for me.

Speaking of neighbours, do you like this little nest? We're inclined to leave it be. We had one last summer and the hornets left us alone. We figure that if they aren't hurting us, we should leave them be.

Of course, one sting and the whole game could change. For now, we are having a peaceful co-existence in the yard.

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