Thursday, August 02, 2007

pancake thursday

chocolate chip pancakes
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I'm not really having pancakes today but I thought I'd share this photo. It's a little too warm to be thinking about pancakes today.

All week, I've been pretty lucky. I haven't had to venture outside too far while I've been at work. Basically I've been able to hop from air conditioned office to air conditioned office. This morning I had to walk across campus, through the construction zone, to get to a meeting.

The walk over was no problem. Easy to get through the construction, not a lot of fumes, a little bit of a breeze. No problems. Coming back though, all of the machines were awake, there was dust everywhere. Cigarette smoke was all over the place too, the construction dudes must need to smoke while operating heavy machinery. They must go hand in hand. Between the diesel fumes, the smoke and the super thick hot steamy stuff that passes for air, my friend and I were almost gasping by the time we got back to the office.

No fun, not a bit.

On an up note, the city has started to rip up our street. This morning, we saw them cutting into the pavement on our way to work. Mark noticed it before me actually. My focus was on the boat by the side of the road. I should have realized that it was our neighbour, pulling his boat. He'd stopped to get the skinny from the road crew. Tonight, we saw that the new water main stuff (concrete tubes wrapped in bright blue plastic) were piled by the roadside.

Should be interesting. If nothing else, at least we'll (hopefully) get a freshly paved street out of the deal!

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