Monday, August 20, 2007

welcome to my driveway

welcome to my driveway
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This doesn't look too bad, does it?

From a distance it seems like there is a little bit of ripped up asphalt at the end of our driveway. There is a 8 inch drop off though. You can't see it (and I wasn't going to get any closer than where I was standing) in this photo. The big trucks are out there right now, moving stuff around.

Our next door neighbour, Pat, has a beautiful hedge on his front lawn. I'm not sure what type of hedge it is. If it helps at all, it's the same kind that my grandfather had at the house my dad grew up in. I guess that's not actually helpful at all unless you know where exactly in Smiths Falls my dad grew up. It's lovely and Pat takes very good care it.

I watched, with my stomach in my throat, as this big digger thing ripped up the sidewalk a mere inches from the hedge. I hope that they don't destroy it but I have a feeling that they might. Mark told me that Pat is pretty upset about it but you can't do too much about it, unfortunately.

Kinda like how we can't complain about parking on the street right now. You just know too, that the city is going to do an amazingly shitty job of paving the portion of the drive that they muck up. I know that this will happen because it happened at our old house when they put in new sidewalks.

Oh well, it could be worse I suppose. Instead of living with minor water main repair inconveniences, we could be trying to survive a hurricane or a flood. It's all about perspective.

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