Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ebay strikes again!

Ebay strikes again!
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I got another new purse in the mail today.

It's lovely and quite compact (but in a cute way that still leaves me room to get all of my stuff into it) and black and shiny. This particular purse, a "Sam" by Kate Spade, retails for $190. $190!! US Dollars. For a purse people!! This one is very gently used and I paid $22.11 for it. Seriously, designer gear on Ebay is the way to go if you like stuff like this. I bought a knock-off Kate Spade bag on Canal Street in NYC two years ago and paid $16 for it. For $5 more I got the real deal!!

I was happy to have a good mail day today because the boys are still hammering the shit out of our street. They are totally focused on the area directly in front of our house right now so it's particularly distressing. We are hopeful though, that the mess will move on down the road by the beginning of next week. It's all been painfully slow moving although, in some weird construction universe, I'm sure this seems to be fast.

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