Saturday, August 25, 2007

mud slick

modern taxi cab(s)
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We ran into our neighbour on our way out to get groceries earlier. His daughter is on night's this week and her bedroom is in the basement of his house. The whole room has been shaking for her all week because of the construction. Last night, we took a good look at the equipment they are using and I see that they have a huge drill like thing that they are using to chip through the layers of limestone. Our house will likely be shaking all week, next week.

The rain we've been waiting for finally arrived, at approximately the same time we pulled up our street with our groceries in tow.

Absolutely pour is really what it did. We need the rain, I'm not complaining, but it is really making the already messy construction site into a huge mud slick.

Oh well, I think we're home again for a while. I reall don't want to go back out there again today if I don't absolutely have to.

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