Sunday, August 05, 2007


fence and vine
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So it happened.

I was stung.


it hurt so bad.

it's sort of my fault but still, did the hornet really need to sting me, on my neck of all places!?

I was closing up the shed tonight and slammed the door a little hard. This must have startled the hornets and one flew down from the nest and got me in the neck. At first, I could hardly walk. I got up to the deck and rushed past Mark. I needed to get into the house. I could feel the stinger, or so I thought. I was sure that it was sticking out of my neck.

I got into the bathroom and couldn't see anything. My neck was sore though and I had a burning sharp pain where I'd been stung. I could feel my neck and jaw getting stiff and I had a sudden vision of me sitting in emerge tonight. Fortunately, the numbness went away and eventually, the stinging stopped.

I have big red swollen spot at the moment but it's not sore. Guess we'll need to deal with the nest. That was a little too close for comfort.

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