Thursday, August 30, 2007

patrick & the stand gt

patrick & the stand gt
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I think I mentioned the other day that I've been going through some old photos this week.

This is a favourite of mine. I know exactly where it was taken and remember taking the photo but, for the life of me, cannot recall the date. I know I have a flyer from the show floating around here somewhere which will, one day, tell me the date, but until I find it, I have to accept that I am getting old and that dates will sometimes slip my mind. yuck.

As I was going through photos, I stumbled across a whole bunch which I had taken at Alfies (a pub on campus for those of you not from the greater Kingston area). I took me several minutes before I recognized that the band in the photos was Pluto. I could barely remember the show (and no, I wasn't drinking to excess) and hardly remembered the pictures. I do remember that they slept on my floor that night, and during that weekend, my roommate moved out. I recall us all going to breakfast the next morning too but the show was not something I remembered. And where are they now, anyway, right?

Don't know if I'll be scanning the Pluto shots but I know that I have a bunch more stand gt photos so watch out!!

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