Saturday, August 11, 2007


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Late this afternoon, a little tired from too much time spent in the sun earlier, I watched "Friends with Money" on cable.

I thought that I'd enjoy it because I really like Frances McDormand and Catherine Keener, not to mention the lovely Joan Cusak.

Boy, was I wrong. It had a few good moments here and there and really, Jennifer Aniston was even okay in it but the story just wasn't happening. I got what they were trying to say but it was a little slow moving for me. Also, a couple of the plots were never really resolved, at least not to my satisfaction. I'm sure there are some folks out there who enjoyed it for me, I'd rate it with a "meh."

Tonight, we're planning at "Studio 60" marathon. We haven't seen the last 7 episodes yet. I doubt very much that we'll get through them all tonight but at least I know that I'll be entertained. I'm disappointed that it got cancelled but not entirely surprised. I think it's a little too clever in parts to be allowed to succeed.

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