Friday, August 10, 2007

cheesey friday

For some reason, I can't get this fotc line out of my head: "will someone please remove these cutleries from my knees"

Everytime we watch their HBO show, or anything else with them in it, Mark and I find ourselves in tears because we are laughing so hard. I love when that happens!

Mark is working a half day today. He worked until noon and then was taking the cab for a wash and then an oil change. The plan is for him to be home in an hour or so. While he's been working, I've been puttering around the house. I got the laundry done yesterday and today I've been doing some dusting. I'm a little disgusted by how much dust has accumulated in the house. I have a pretty high dust threshold too, it has to be pretty bad for it to really bother me. The stirring up of the dust is making me sneeze a tonne too.

Our plan for the weekend is to do very little. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous, just like last weekend, so I'm thinking we'll be out on the deck or in the pool a lot. Speaking of that, I think I'm going to head outside right now.

I'll leave you with a little cheesey Friday fun:

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