Wednesday, August 22, 2007

shakin' all over

just like a star
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Our house is shaking a little right now. Vibrating more really.

I cannot believe the size of the machines they are using on our street right now. They are huge and smelly.

Really smelly, like diesel fuel and exhaust and cigarette smoke. It's not a healthy combination, it's driving my allergies a little nuts actually.

They should be gone in 10 minutes or so. I'm so glad that I was on vacation last week and not this week. They started hammering into the pavement at 7 a.m. today. 7 a.m.! If I was home trying to sleep in or, heaven forbid, was sick, I'd be annoyed.

In other news, I know I seem all-consumed by the noise outside, my red Coach purse arrived today. It's so much more beautiful than I expected and it's larger. I thought it would be a little tiny thing but it's not. It's a great size and I already love it. As much as a person can love an object anyway.

I won two more auctions and I'm still waiting for those to arrive, another Coach bag, this one in black, and a Kate Spade Sam bag, also in black. I can't believe what deals I got on them too. Sometimes, Ebay rocks.

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