Friday, July 14, 2006


a few weeks ago, Mark started bringing boxes upstairs from the basement.

when we first moved in to this house, we figured that we would put our CD collection down there. of course, after 14 months of staring at the boxes of discs in the basement, we realized that we wanted them upstairs.

finally, today, I'm going to unpack the boxes. I think that there are 10 or 12 boxes of them, maybe more. packing them takes no time at all, unpacking, well that's another story. I'll have to sort them all out and re-alphabetize them. if I'm lucky, it won't take me longer than a couple of hours.

when it's done though, it'll be nice. it'll be good to have that many boxes unpacked and gone and it'll also be nice to have access to our cd collection again!

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gaygaybrad said...

I hate packing, unpacking, and above all, moving. I am known to take 6 months to unpack after a move!