Monday, July 10, 2006

the brilliance of vilanch

yesterday was a long day.

up early. errands all afternoon. we were tired last night, probably overtired I guess.

this afternoon, after Mark got home, we took a nap. it felt really good. it did, however contain a rather weird dream, for me anyway.

all through my dream, folks were gathering stuff up. gathering people do. pre-production work was in heavy progress. the next great teen movie, probably better than the breakfast club was about to be made. huge buzz was happening about it and it was going to be directed by bruce vilanch (of all people). however, all through my dream, vilanch was not to be seen. he had become a recluse but he was brilliant. he was so brilliant in fact that he could direct the film without being anywhere near where it was happening to do it. people would just know what to do because of bruce brain waves.

it was a very strange dream indeed.

to say "that shit's fucked up" is a huge understatement.

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