Sunday, July 30, 2006

burnt offering

backyard pool
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I spent the majority of the weekend floating on a lilac raft. Well, it wasn't made of lilacs, rather it was lilac in colour.

I used the pool like a carrot though, not allowing myself to go in yesterday until we had cleaned the fish tanks and tidied the kitchen. Today, I had to wait until the laundry was done and the hoovering was completed. Fortunately, this was all covered by 10 a.m. For the second half of my pool time, I wasn't allowed to go in until the ironing was done.

I'm happy to say that my house is tidy and everything is in order for the working week. Also, I have mucho freckles and a bit of a sunburn. It feels good though, having spent the bulk of the weekend outside. Unfortunately, we didn't do any weeding so the yard still looks kind of nasty but, at least we got to float, a lot.

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