Saturday, July 08, 2006

easy living

today has been lovely so far. while I didn't sleep in, I did enjoy a rather leisurely morning. as has become our weekend ritual, coffee was consumed on the deck this morning. the weather is so gorgeous today that the windows in our house are wide open and the air conditioning is turned off. I love it when we have actual breezes cooling our house instead of the air conditioner.

The other day, we discovered the the house we sold a year ago is once again for sale. In all honesty, I'm not 100% surprised, for a couple of reasons.

1. the young couple we sold it to seemed like flippers. we could tell that they were doing a lot of cosmetic stuff to it last summer (landscaping, decorating in the kitchen). We actually thought that they'd try to sell it in the fall.

2. a wall of insanity has been installed. one of our next door neighbours at the old house is insane. she's 90 years old now (maybe 91) and has, as my mum would say "more money than brains." We're pretty sure that at some point or another, over the past 8 years, she's had every contractor and/or landscaper in town come through her house. It's in a constant state of renovations. A few years ago, she built a big pergola and fence blocking out her neighbours on the other side. A few weeks ago, a really huge fence went up (we're talking all the way down the driveway, almost to the street) between her house and our old place. I'm not sure what those new folks did but it must have pissed her off, big time.

What was surprising about the whole thing (and I'm not naive, I know how much the costs of homes in this neighbourhood have gone up in the past 14 months) is that they have listed the house at $33K more than they paid for it. The house itself is quite small and it lacks a basement but it's on a huge, park-like lot so they might actually get their asking price, eventually. Right now though, in my opinion, if they are looking for a quick sale, it's not going to happen, not at that price anyway.

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