Monday, July 24, 2006

spongebob & squidward

spongebob & squidward
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how can you not have a good day when you find colourful pictures of spongebob and squidward on your desk when you go back to work? it was a great surprise!!

Things were not totally chaotic when I got back into the office today. It's a nice change from some previous jobs I had where, if I was away, nothing I looked after got done. This time, I had prepared quite well, was caught up when I left and had secured lots of help for key projects. Things seem to have gone swimmingly while I was away! I did, however, have about 300 (after junk mail deleting) emails to sift through but most of them were just fyi stuff. nice!

Speaking of swimmingly, we are still enjoying the pool. On Saturday, it was cold and rainy here so we didn't get in but tonight, after work, we did and it's so relaxing. It kind of leaves us having dinner late but that's okay, it's a small price to pay. The funny/nice thing is that once I get out of the pool, I'm not even hungry for dinner. Hopefully this will mean that I'll actually eat less. Wouldn't that be good?

Oh, yeah, Friday, we did get to see Clerks II. We really really enjoyed it. I guess when you don't have any expectations (because I really didn't - the trailers online looked funny) you can't be disappointed. It was really funny. We laughed, a lot. A big huge lot, seriously. It's funny. If you liked Clerks, you'll really like this. It's good, laugh out loud a lot good. /review Go see it, seriously. Kevin Smith rawks (again)!!

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Anonymous said...

I adore, ADORE, Spongebob!!!!! He is always good for a smile!!