Wednesday, July 19, 2006

under the trees

under the trees
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we have probably spent more time in our backyard over the past few days than we have all month. it's nice though, because it's just us out there.

have you noticed how stupid people become when the temperatures go up?

yesterday, pretty late in the day, we had to go out and do a few errands. everywhere we went, folks just seemed to be in a daze. by about the third place we had to go, I was ready to scream. I was never so glad to get home as I was last night.

today, fortunately, we don't have to go anywhere or do anything. Mark worked on Monday and Tuesday but he'll be off with me for the rest of the week and we don't have anything planned. except for one to two small things that don't really matter, I got pretty much everything done around the house that I wanted to accomplish. the things that aren't done, can wait until the weather cools off a bit. I can honestly say that it would be okay with me if we never left our property for the next five days.

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