Sunday, July 16, 2006

new pool

our new pool - finally full
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Ever since we had the rubble removed from our back yard in the spring, Mark and I have been having the inflatable pool discussion.

They have dropped so much in price and seem so easy to deal with, we thought it would be a neat thing to get. We kept going back and forth on it though, neither of us could make up our minds on it. The other day though, I guess because I've been on holidays and we're not going away, we decided to pick one up.

Today, we set the thing up and it's now full of water. We actually had a "swim" in it earlier and it was lovely. To say that you can swim in it is a stretch. We have one that is 12" in diameter and the water is 30" deep. It's deep enough that you can submerge your whole body in it and really cool off but you can't actually do laps or anything like that.

Next week though, when we're off and at home and it's stinking hot (as they are predicting it will be), I think we'll really enjoy it.

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