Saturday, July 01, 2006

happy Canada day!

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I don't think that as a nation, we're as visibily patriotic as, let's say, our neighbours to the south but I do think that we're a very proud lot.

Today is Canada Day. It's that one day of the year where you'll see folks wearing their red and white, there will be more flags flying from houses (and cars!) than you'd normally see and you may even see little kids wearing red maple leaf face paint. It's a good opportunity for us to boast a little and display our national pride.

So far, it is looking like a great day outside. The rain that has been threatening all week seems to be holding off. That should make for a great day for parades, barbecues, picnics and fireworks.

Whatever way you celebrate "Dominion Day" folks, have a good one!

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Pam said...

Happy Canada Day Peg! Enjoy your long weekend!