Tuesday, July 25, 2006

patrick and spongebob

patrick and spongebob
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Another day, another Spongebob photo. This time starring (yes, pun intended!!) Patrick!

This beautiful piece of Bikini Bottom art is about 3 feet high and lives on the back of a filing cabinet, next to my desk. My little corner of the office is very SpongeBobby indeed.

How was your Tuesday? It was absolutely stinking hot here. Like, hey it's so humid that you almost can't get a breath of air hot. The humidity was horrible. The room I work in has some air conditioning in it so it's quite pleasant to work in. Whenever I go out in the hallway though, it takes my breath away. The building I work in is almost 200 years old so there is no central air, just portable units in offices. Because of this, everyone works with their doors closed in the summer. It feels a little anti-social but it's the only way to do it, unfortunately, when the weather is all yucky.

Tonight, we weren't home for 20 minutes before we were in the pool. Honestly, I never thought that a little $100 pool could be responsible for so much enjoyment. Again, our dinner was a little late but I like it at this time of night. By the time we eat, it's too late to actually have a craving for a night-time snack so I don't even think about it (except right now, when I did think about it).

My dad is working on a project for us (helping us to build in our dishwasher) so my folks popped by for a few minutes (for more measurements) after dinner. After they left, we took a quick run over the store to pick up some veggies and fruit for lunches tomorrow. Goodness, cooling off in the pool and then dining in the a/c really messes you up. The air is still so heavy, at almost 8 p.m. Hopefully we'll get a big rain storm tonight to clear out the air.

Weather aside, today was the first day in almost a week that my back felt like it was totally back to normal. Don't take the ability to move freely and without pain for granted kids!! I have to say too, that my first couple of days back to work have been pretty good. I mean, it's busy (because we're heading into our peak time in a few weeks) but it's managable. I also feel like I'm accomplishing something everyday, which is nice. To feel appreciated and accomplished are good things people, work is good right now. And moving is good, hey, for a Tuesday, it's pretty good to me right now!!

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