Thursday, May 08, 2008

tuckered out

tuckered out
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Mark has been doing the majority of the leash training with Sam. I'll help put the harness on and I'll take control of the leash when we are going to the van but Mark's been the patient one. Mark's worked with Sam, slowly coaxing him off of the steps and down the driveway. On his own with the puppy though, he wasn't able to get that far.

Tonight, after dinner, we decided to go out as a "family" and try to get all the way to the "far corner" of the street. See, our house is closer to one end of the block than the other. Our goal tonight was to get to the far corner and back. Mark was putting out the recycling and I had Sam's harness on him. Sam was absolutely vibrating at the door, whimpering a little and very keen to go see Mark. I stepped out onto the porch with him but was a little nervous when I saw a neighbour out with her gorgeous (and fast growing) Klee Kai puppy.

Sam was so well behaved though. He didn't bark or growl or whimper at the puppy. I led him down the driveway and we stood with Mark and I spoke to the woman from across the road. We talked about the dogs and training and both puppies were really well behaved.

Without any bother or fuss or coaxing (or treats) we took off on our walk. I walked ahead of Mark and Sam and Sam just followed me, all the way to the corner. Now, he did stop and sniff every car that was parked along the road but he didn't get distracted by kids on bikes or people walking. He was so well behaved I couldn't believe it. I think it conked him out though because he's sleeping at my feet right now. I don't care what other folks might think, I know that he's the most awesome dog around!!

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