Tuesday, May 06, 2008

cold hands

lovely surprise
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I must have the warmest heart around because my hands have been freezing all morning.

Blame can be placed squarely on the shoulders of spring. The evenings here are really chilly and our office building (an old cottage) gets very damp and cold overnight. By the time the building warms up, it's warm outside and then it's too hot so you open the window and the midges fly in...it's a weird cycle of spring.

Yesterday, Mark went to the eye doctor's for an exam. While he was there, they did a new test on him where they take a photo of his eyeballs. The test is mandatory and costs $28 and no insurance covers it, nor does the government. Fine, no problem $28. At least for $28 they should email you a copy of the photo but they wouldn't. We asked and they said no.

While we were at the clinic, a big fender bender happened out on the road. The clinic is in a really busy spot which used to be a traffic circle when I was a kid. I was with Mark because he was getting drops and wouldn't be able to drive home and I just read a book while he was in with the Doctor. I had to laugh when the accident happened because lots of folks clammered around the window to watch. I advised the ladies to not look outside lest they be called upon later on to go to court. The more that I think about though, I doubt very much that the police (who eventually arrived to redirect traffic) would be looking for witnesses at an eye clinic.

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