Monday, May 05, 2008

I can't believe I ate my bed

I can't believe I ate my bed
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This was what our living room looked like on Friday when we got home.

Have I mentioned that Sam's being "snipped" in a little over a week? We're hoping that some of his more destructive tendencies will be curbed after that. If it doesn't help though, we may be forced to either confine him to the kitchen, or to crate him during the day. We really don't want to do either because he loves to look out the window when we're away but if he's going to continue to wreck stuff, we'll have no choice.

The weekend was pretty good. Got many little things done around the house and realized how many more little things there are exactly which need doing.

All in good time I suppose. Had a fair amount of time for vegging out and sleeping a little more than I normally do and that felt good.

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