Wednesday, May 07, 2008

surviving wednesday

lovely surprise
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I'm having a much busier day today than I thought I would when it started. funny how that happens huh?

Sam's visit to the vet last night was good. The first time we went, we met with a young female vet. Last night we got to see the vet who owns the place. Apparently, he owns three clinics here in town. He is an amazing guy, really patient and just terrific with Sam. When Sam got his first shots a few weeks ago, we had to distract him with treats while he was getting stuck. Last night, he became extremely calm and docile with Dr Ross and didn't even flinch during his shots. He even went off with him (eagerly) when they left to get some blood. I was impressed with both Sam and Dr Ross.

Sam did a little barking when we first arrived and were waiting to go in but overall, he was good. I'm glad that he doesn't hate going there because he's got to go in again next week for his surgery. He seems to really like all of the folks who work there which makes me feel good. We may sign him up for some doggie day care sessions over the summer. Apparently they have an agility course and he'll be able to play with some other dogs (which is not something he's done since he moved in with us).

So yeah, other than being busy and Sam having a good appointment, there's not much news to report.

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