Tuesday, May 06, 2008

ice water bowl

ice water bowl
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A cute little Sam story for Tuesday...

Sam loves ice cubes.

When he hears the ice maker crunching out cubes into a cup, he comes running from wherever he is in the house or in the yard.

Yesterday afternoon, we stopped in at home for a few minutes before Mark's appointment. While we were home, I filled up Sam's water bowls. On the deck, he has a big green one. Whenever I give him water, I throw in some ice cubes too.

On our way out, I called him in and was just about to close the back door when I saw that he had taken his ice cubes out of the bowl and lined them up in a row at the top of the steps to the deck. It was a very tidy line up. Of course, when we got home and he ran outside, they were gone. Someone must have stolen his cubes.

Crime is a terrible thing.

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