Thursday, May 08, 2008

mechanical stuff

Earlier tonight, our neighbour had a bunch of cars and trucks parked on his side lawn. This particular neighbour is a very talented and friendly mechanic. There are usually a couple of vehicles in his yard but it's not an obnoxious thing. This guy can sniff out a deal on parts like nobody’s business and will either show you how to repair your car yourself or will do it for you for trade.

I was telling him about this great website where you can purchase BMW Body Kits. I think that this particular site is great because it’s very easy to use and the way that they have categorized their items is very intuitive (you don’t have to be a super mechanical person to figure it out) which is nice! Also, unlike some parts sites I’ve looked at, they have parts for older models (I found one place that only sold parts on cars that were 3 years old or newer). An easy to use site combined with the best prices you’ll ever find on these BMW parts means that you’ll never have to source out another supplier!