Wednesday, May 28, 2008

capturing memories

Have you ever had Photo Cards made to use as a holiday greeting or just to use as note cards? Before I did it myself, honestly, I thought that the idea was a little bit cheesy. Looking back, I realize that I didn’t understand how creative I could be with them.

The first year we used them for our winter holiday greeting was in 2005. Earlier that year, we’d taken a long weekend / road trip to New York City for a music festival. While we were there, we visited all of our favorite spots, including Strawberry Fields in Central Park. During that trip, I was able to capture a really lovely shot of the John Lennon Memorial Mosiac "Imagine." As you may be aware, every day, folks leave flowers and trinkets at the mosaic and they are arranged in beautiful ways, each day different than the rest. On the day we were there, a peace symbol of flowers was laying on the mosaic as well as a couple of sun flowers, an apple, a guitar pick, a penny and a cigarette. When we got home and saw the photo on the computer, we knew that we’d use for our greeting card with the simple caption "Peace" beneath it.

Every year since then, we’ve done a card of our own, with one of my photos. It’s so easy to use an online vendor, like CardsDirect to design your personal greeting card. You can create your own message, or use one of theirs in your card. You could also chose to leave the card blank inside if you’d like. The cards are sold with lovely envelopes as well.
greeting cards

With summer vacations just around the corner, it’s likely that you’ll have your camera out to capture all of your terrific family memories. You too could use these photos to include in customized party invitations or thank you cards. Literally the possibilities are endless.