Tuesday, April 08, 2008

peeking sam

peeking sam
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I have this weird thing happening that feels like a cold only it's strange. I have been coughing a bit and blowing my nose but I'm not super congested, I just have this weird taste in my mouth. I drink gallons of water, chew gum, brush my teeth but nothing makes it go away. It's odd and I'm not happy about it. I really don't want it to erupt into a full blown cold so I'm fighting it. Last night I got almost no sleep from the cold meds I took so I am not taking those tonight. It's a weird circle.

We're still introducing Sam to our friends. He's not overly crazy about men so far. Mark, he loves. My dad, he was indifferent to. On Saturday, Mark's friend Tom came over for coffee. Now Tom is both a smoker and a cat owner. Sam barked at him for a while but eventually he stopped barking and fell asleep on the floor in the kitchen where the guys were chatting.

Tonight, our friend Andy came over to help Mark measure up some stuff for a project we're starting on our deck. Sam was in the back yard when Andy got here. He and Mark went out onto the deck and Sam went bananas. Mark brought him back into the house and nothing I could do would calm him down. I guess it was partly because Andy is also a smoker / cat owner but also because he was caught off guard by having Andy walk into his yard. Normally, Sam's in the front window, keeping a watchful eye on the door and driveway. Maybe it was just the fact that Andy just appeared. Whatever it was, hope it passes. Poor Sam really got himself worked up into a state.

It feels like I only have doggy news these days but for the past week or so, that's really all we've had going on. I'm working pretty long days right now and between that, and the cold symptoms of the past few days, playing with the dog and doing some minimal housework is about all we've been managing.

I will say this, I love my white, fluffy dog but boy howdy, it takes me twice as long to vacuum as I used to and I do it twice as often. I'm not complaining though, just saying, really.

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