Thursday, April 10, 2008

smokin' barbecue

smokin' barbecue
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We had another barbecue tonight. It was awesome.

There are many things I like about barbecue season. The first thing would be that Mark is an awesome barbecue chef (not to mention that he's just a plain old fabulous chef no matter what he's making, he is a chef afterall). The second thing would probably how quickly dinner can come together when we're grilling. The third is really how fast the clean up is.

One thing that Mark does is he makes stuff for our meal, like grilling off veggies and some meat. He always cooks way too much stuff though so we always have leftovers. The next night we'll have pasta or a stir fry which is made up of grilled, smokey delicious ingredients. It's awesome and really yummy.

If this is too much food talk and it's making you hungry, I'm sorry about that but I really felt like Mark deserves some serious kudos for this.

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