Monday, April 07, 2008

little sweetie

little sweetie
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We had a little tea party at work on Friday and this little doll was there with her mum. Her mum is a colleague who is off on Mat leave. She's a cutie isn't she?

I worked a little bit on the weekend and spent the rest of it pretty much outside, doing stuff with Sam. This past weekend was the first really gorgeous weather we'd experienced this spring. The ice is finally almost melted on our deck and we were able to get the barbecue out of it's snowy prison yesterday. I pulled a couple of chairs from our patio set out as well. We sat in the sunshine and enjoyed the sounds of geese flying north again. Truly an amazing sign of a Canadian spring finally arrived, those geese.

Other than working and doing a few things around the house, oh and playing with Sam, we didn't get up to much. It's good though, this life of ours. Sam has brought so much joy into the house, it's just silly. He's a giant furball of fun and we really really love him. It's soppy but it's true.

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