Wednesday, April 09, 2008

loving the puppy loving

smilin' sam
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When you get home from work at night, does anyone come running, full-tilt, toward the door and bounce around, all smiles and so excited to see you that they can hardly stand it?

That happens to me, every night when I get home. Sam is so cool and it's such a crazy good feeling to have that kind of greeting, every night. Makes any bad thing that may have happened in the day, just fade away into oblivion.

I think that this weird cold thing that has been bugging me is starting to go away. Maybe being outside a lot more this week has helped to kill the germs. I question it not, just be happy that it seems to be clearing up. Speaking of clearing up, the last dreggs of snow finally disappeared from our lawn today, I guess it's officially spring now!

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