Monday, April 14, 2008

Dancing Sam

Dancing Sam
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Mark's Birthday Weekend flew by in a snap.

I snap my fingers a lot lately so I've got "snap" on the brain. It actually works to get Sam's attention so I'm using that as part of our training.

Saturday was sort of a lazy day. I was up early and Mark slept in a bit. I got up and hung out on the sofa in my pj's with the dog. It was awesome. Early in the afternoon we went out and did a bunch of errands which included going to costco at zero hour. All of the looky-loos were out lining up, 10 people deep for a one inch piece of cheese bread. Seriously people, it costs $6. Just buy it.

Yesterday I was not feeling good. I had some sort of weird cold all last week and I think it finally caught up with me yesterday. I'd not slept well on Friday or Saturday and I think that part of it was that I was overtired. I had a nap in the afternoon and then a really hot shower and felt much better. Mark and I went out for sushi rolls last night as part of the birthday celebration weekend.

Today, we both had the day off from work. We booked it off because it was Mark's birthday and also so that we could take Sam to the vet together. He needed to get his shots and meet the vet. I was quite nervous about the visit for a lot of reasons. Sam's still learning about the leash and I was deathly afraid that he'd somehow get out of it and run into the street (the Vet is on a really busy corner). Last night, we took him out in the van for his second drive in it. We did not want him to associate the van with going to the vet. He was really awesome in the van, he seems to be more comfortable there each time we go out.

When we got to the clinic, didn't he wiggle out of his harness (we didn't have it tight enough). Fortunately, when he did this, Sam pushed himself flat down onto his stomach on the pavement. Mark was able to pick him up and carry him inside. Once we got inside, he was pretty good. He's not had a lot of time around strange people or other animals so he barked a couple of times but overall was very well behaved.

He had 3 shots today and we are going back in 3 weeks for boosters. After that, he'll go back for his operation (yes, he's getting snipped!) and he and Mark will go to obedience school. By the time summer arrives, he'll be really ready to get out and do things with us without having any anxiety.

That's the plan anyway!

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