Monday, April 28, 2008


As if Monday's aren't hard enough to face, it's really dark, cold and rainy here today. At the moment, it appears as if the showers have let up slightly but it's absolutely pouring all morning. I think it was an hour or so ago, I looked outside and noticed that the street lights across the road had come on. It's bananas I tell ya! I actually had to turn the heat on in the office this morning too. I work in a little cottage and it's sort of close to the lake so can get pretty chilly down here. The dampness had crept in and my hands were frozen so I had to break down and turn it on. Last week at this time, the fellows from our physical plant department were here installing our air conditioners. Spring time is so unpredictable - what a difference a week makes!

My weekend was a lot of fun. On Friday night, Mark and I got our errands done and then on Saturday morning/early afternoon, I was able to get all of my chores out of the way. Mark worked for a while on Saturday so I didn't mind getting some stuff done around the house. Yesterday I had a pretty lazy day. The only time I really left the house was to go to the store for an oil filter for our lawnmower I didn't actually go into the store though. We brought Sam with us so I hung out in the van while Mark went into the parts place.

Sam is really behaving himself in the van. He's actually really behaving well overall I have to say. When I picked up his harness and leash yesterday, he actually stood up so I could slip the harness over his front legs and then he sat still, without coaxing, while I hooked the leash up. He still gets a little excited in the van but he's now figured out how to stand up, with his front paws on the back of our seats, and watch out over our heads. He gets the biggest smile on his face when the breeze hits him. Everyday, we just have more and more fun with him. He's so awesome, I cannot imagine what life would be like without him in the house. Just thinking about him makes me smile and now, the sun appears to be trying to push through the clouds - how cool is that!? Thanks Sam!!

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