Wednesday, April 23, 2008

catching a breeze

catching a breeze
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I booked Sam's surgery yesterday. He'll be getting some of his bits snipped on May 15. Now, to any men reading this, I'm sure you just squirmed in your seat right now. Mark is squirmy whenever I bring it up. I know he knows that it's the best thing for Sam but as a male, I know that he has sympathy for Sam and Sam's testicles.

Even though our yard is pretty much escape-proof right now, I'll feel better about him being out there unsupervised when he doesn't have the urge to get out and chase some lady puppy. From what I've been reading about it too, there are a lot of health risks associated with keeping him in tact so, he'll be "altered" as they politely call it.

Last night we had some strawberries for dessert. Just plain strawberries, sliced up. We let Sam have some because I'd read that this was a safe treat for him. He totally loved them and was really disappointed when they were gone. A few minutes later, he started growling at the sofa and attempted to take a huge chomp on a cushion.

I guess Sam was on a sugar rush. We took him outside and ran him around the yard for about 45 minutes until he stopped growling and snapping at things. We definitely gave him too many pieces of berry.

Puppy Lesson #131: a little sugar can make a puppy go crazy

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