Wednesday, April 16, 2008

dental mental

I went to the dentist this morning for a routine cleaning. About an hour after I got back to work, I got a dental related headache which has not gone away. It does suck but at least my teeth are now very clean and all fluorided.

Fluorided is not a word but I'm using it anyway. Today's fluoride treatment seemed pretty fancy to me. I got to choose a flavour (I chose mint) and they squirted some foaming stuff into a blue plastic tooth guard thing that I had to bite down on. The foaming stuff was oozing out all over my face and the hygienist was cleaning it up as it spilled over. It was all very classy. It was also very different from "swish and spit" which is what we did when I was in elementary school. Do they still make kids do this?

They would make us gargle with some putrid "berry" flavoured pink liquid which was in a little paper cup. We'd have to put it in our mouth and swish it around while we walked the hallways at school. At the end of the route, we could spit it out back into the cup and throw it out. Also not very classy. I guess it's good though, I still have all of my teeth. Just not sure why fluoride must be administered with some kind of weird ritual.

Sam tidbit: Sam loves applause. If he does something good, he gets a "good boy" but if he does something really good - like let me put his harness on, or get into the van on his own, we applaud and say good boy and cheer. He totally digs it. Sam is a natural performer and is a complete applause whore.

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